Know your Ranchers

KW is a second-generation cattle rancher, born and raised in the beautiful Verde Valley. Cory is a third-generation cattle rancher transplant from California. Together with their children, they are the backbone of The Rancher’s Cut and M4 Cattle Company. The family prides itself on the high-quality American Wagyu beef that they raise.

Cory and KW Mulcaire Family
tall grass

Our Operation

When you buy beef from you are purchasing a beef that was born and raised, right here at M4 Cattle Company.

Our  cows are bred to our registered Wagyu bulls, creating amazing American Wagyu beef. The cow herd is grazed on native grass until the cattle are brought to the feedlot at headquarters. There they begin a high-quality feed ration until they reach slaughter weight. At that time, we deliver the beef to the butcher. Once the beef is processed, arrangements are made with consumer for pick up or delivery.

The family is involved in every step of the process of your beef, from our ranch to your table.


What is American Wagyu

American Wagyu is produced by cross breeding full blood Wagyu with native cattle, usually Angus. The result is a unique flavor, texture, and marbling.

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